ALS Association of Ice Bucket Challenge

The Ice Bucket Challenge is that the gift that keeps on giving for the ALS Association. The organization raised quite $10 million on weekday alone, it said, transfer its total haul since July twenty nine to $53 million. For comparison’s sake, the cluster raised $2.2 million throughout an equivalent amount last year.

The contributions, that have come back from quite one million new donors yet as some previous donors, area unit a huge boon for the ALS Association, whose national workplace raised solely $19 million all told of 2012.

Since the Ice Bucket Challenge went infective agent in early August, social media shops are huddled with videos of individuals merchandising ice on their heads once delivering a brief message explaining their support for analysis and treatment of Lou Gehrig’s illness.

The ALS Association isn’t the sole organization to learn from the infective agent trend. Opposition to embryonic vegetative cell analysis from someCatholics has junction rectifier to associate degree flow in donations to different charities that support ALS analysis while not victimization embryonic stem cells. Project ALS, a smaller charity dedicated to ALS analysis, raised large sums once Ricky Gervais and mount Stiller took the Ice Bucket Challenge in its support.

If you want more details in videos, please click here.

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